Building Control Drawings Approved Wigan


Building Control Drawings Approved Wigan

We have recently completed the design for our client’s single-storey rear extension architectural drawings in Winstanley. Their extension has a duel-pitched roof including Velux windows and bi-folding doors both of which make an amazing difference; the new layout is now inundated with natural light. Our clients now enjoy an open-plan kitchen, dining, and entertaining space that overlooks their garden.

Building Control Drawings Approved Wigan

We issued detailed building regulation drawings to our client, within the allotted two-week period. This means they are now able to obtain precise quotes for the building works. We look forward to seeing the results of this exciting project! 

Our team at Athtech Designs is thrilled to have completed and obtained approval from Building Control for the construction drawings of our client’s single-storey rear extension build in St Helens. The new design offers our clients the much-needed dining and open-plan kitchen space they desired by opening up part of the rear elevation. With this new layout, they will be able to comfortably host all their family and friends for meals and get-togethers. The stunning bi-fold doors overlooking their landscaped garden provide a perfect area to relax and enjoy the benefits of indoor-outdoor living, while a Velux window positioned in the roof space maximizes the natural light, creating a light and airy feel.

Building Regulations are fundamental legal requirements that set high standards for the design and construction of buildings throughout the UK. These regulations guarantee that buildings are safe, healthy, and energy-efficient, and they apply to most building work, including new builds, extensions, and alterations. To ensure compliance with these regulations, construction drawings must be created and submitted to the local authority for approval. These drawings must demonstrate how the proposed building work will comply with the regulations, guaranteeing that the work meets the required standards and will be safe for occupants.

Fortunately, St Helens and Wigan are home to numerous expert companies that specialize in Building Regs Construction Drawings Approved services. These companies employ experienced professionals who can create precise and comprehensive drawings that satisfy Building Regulations. The process of obtaining Building Regs Construction Drawings Approved in St Helens and Wigan is comprehensive and involves several crucial steps to ensure that the project complies with Building Regulations. These steps include an initial consultation with a Building Regulations specialist, a site survey to assess the existing structures, design, submission of drawings to the local authority for approval, and once approved, construction can begin.

At Athtech Designs, we are dedicated to providing Building Regs Construction Drawings Approved services that meet and exceed the required standards. Our team of specialists is well-equipped to create detailed and accurate drawings that comply with Building Regulations. By hiring us as your specialist house design architects for Building Regs Construction Drawings Approved services in St Helens and Wigan, you can rest assured that your project will comply with Building Regulations and be safe for occupants.

In conclusion, Building Regs Construction Drawings Approved services are an integral component of any construction project in St Helens and Wigan. By hiring us for these services, you can ensure that your project meets the required standards and is safe for occupants. Contact us today to discuss your project and obtain the necessary approvals. If you are interested in using our services or would like more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us using the button below.

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