Architectural Design FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Within 2-3 weeks for the issue of the first draft drawing.

It is advised that you review your first draft drawings, writing down any questions you may have in preparation for our next consultation.

Please contact us by phone or email to discuss the drawings and associated amendments – please review the drawings in advance and have some amendments note to hand.

Please contact us your approval of the drawings and consent to submit your planning application.

We will ask for the full balance to be paid before we issue your planning application to the local authority.

You will receive an email from the planning portal inviting you to pay the planning fee after we submit your application online.

Please allow 8-10 weeks for you to receive your application decision.

The local planning authority may require further information to validate your application.

Most applications have a ‘neighbourhood consultation’ notice meaning all of your adjoining ‘boundary’ neighbours will be informed of your planning application proposal.

If your neighbour’s objection is a serious one (meaning it proves that the planning application is in breach of planning policy) then the appointed planning officer should contact Athtech Designs to discuss the objection. It may just need a simple amendment to eradicate the neighbour’s concerns. At your request, Athtech Designs would comment on the neighbour’s objection – sometimes objections raised by neighbours are not viable – if this is the case, it will be decided by the local planning authority and you will be able to continue with your intended plans.

Discuss any issues raised with the designer at Athtech Designs. Wherever possible, they will be able to provide some supporting information or evidence that could eradicate the concerns raised by the planning officer. Sometimes, the planning officer may offer a suggestion of amendments that could be made. In this case, Athtech Designs will provide amendments in line with the planning officer’s requests at no extra cost. However, should the client disagree with the opinion of the planning officer, and wish to challenge a potential recommendation for refusal, charges would applu for additional work and/or site visits. Athtech Designs would advise of any additional fees prior to the start of any such work.

On occasions, the planning officer may suggest the withdrawal of an application with a view to a free application submission that will allow more time for the applicant and agent to discuss/provide any drawing amendments. If this is not what you would prefer, an extension of time can be requested instead. This would be given subject to the local planning authorities agreement.

If you were not expecting your planning application to be refused, please contact Athtech designs for advice. It is very unusual for a planning application to be refused without prior notification from the local planning authority. After reviewing your refused application, we may be able to suggest ways to alter the design and submit a new application. Alternatively, you can appoint Athtech Designs to draft an appeal to the inspectorate on your behalf (Please enquire for further details on this process and costs.)

Once we have been notified that your application has been approved, we will contact you with your formal planning decision notice and to discuss proceeding with the next phase – building regulations application for building control.

Generally, once planning has ben approved, the approved drawing must be complied with. Minor internal amendments will be allowed, as long as they don’t affect external aspects of the building. It is usually possible to reduce width openings slightly, however external elevation changes and adding windows to elevations would be considered unacceptable. You should always check with the local planning authority before making any changes at the stage, as a minor amendment application may be necessary. Athtech Designs can provide quotes on request for amendments to drawings post planning approval, including amendment applications.

After the building control phase is complete (approximately 4-5 weeks, subject to continuity), you will have all the details required to approach builders for quotes. The approved drawings will provide enough information for builders to give you an accurate full-price quotation for the build. You can send builders copies of the drawings and advise them that you have just obtained planning approval and that you are midway through the building control application. This will demonstrate that you are nearly ready to start and will help get your foot in the door, so to speak.

Athtech Designs will provide technical drawings suitable for submission to building control and we will submit a full plans application on your behalf. In addition, we will liaise with your appointed building control officer to obtain conditional or full approval. You may gain approval with a condition set by the appointed building control officer (For example: ensure roof tiles are suitable for roof pitch). Where possible, Athtech Designs will seek to remove the conditions and there would be no costs associated with this as it is considered to be part of the application process.

Once approved, Athtech Designs will send you all approved documents by email. You are now ready to start your build.