Why it’s important when choosing the right Builder

Why it’s important when choosing the right Builder

It’s beautiful to conceive the plan of building your dream home, but if the dream is committed into the wrong hands, it could end up being your nightmare. Our platform will provide you with a list of builders who are the best in their field. 

Why it's important when choosing the right Builder


Whether you heard from a friend or your architect recommended one for you, there’s nothing wrong or right with this, the most important thing is getting the right builder for your building project. The one who’ll execute it with great construction know-how. 

The recommendation appears to be a very resourceful and important way. In a situation whereby you have a friend who had had a building project done by a particular builder, that friend could link you up with the same builder who might end up getting your project done. Provided if a smooth relationship exists between them when they had the business deal. 

Another source could be online review sites where you get to know about local builders and several projects they’ve executed. You also get to know about the feedback of people who have given them projects, and you could decide to choose your builder from the list. 

It’s important to carry out some further checks on the builders you’re about to give your project to, which will help you decide who’s best for the construction. You should always go for the best you know. 

What we routinely do is tell people to pick three from the list of builders they have, then speak to them. Speaking to these three affords you the opportunity of getting information about their price and area of expertise. We don’t advise you to speak to many builders because that could take a great deal of time and in the end, you might get confused. 

It’s always better to speak to more if the selected three don’t get back to you with their responses. The pricing should be carefully and accurately carried out by having your builder do structural calculations and building regulation plans. 

It’s also possible to receive thousands of feedback, we understand analyzing these could be a daunting and complicated job for you. Don’t worry! Speak to your architect, and get his opinion about it. The job is always easier if you carry your architect along with the proceedings of the research since he’s more experienced than you. 

Ensure the builder provides you with the breakdown of the entire costing, this not only helps you make a comparison with others but also signals to you if there’s an item not being included. All items must be included to avoid missing out on any important thing and also to not make the cost look cheaper than it is. 


With your dream home in view, you could have some companies do the checking phase for you while all you need do is pay them, and you can also choose to do this yourself, which will end up saving you a fortune. 

From previous projects I have seen so far, I found the decorating and finishing of these projects poorly done. I understand deciding to do your building decoration could be way cheaper and also sounds good to you, but I’d rather recommend that you allow professionals do it for you. That’s the only way you can have your dream home become a reality. 

Furthermore, you should make it a duty to visit the previous projects your potential builder has done. Take time to examine if things were accurately and skillfully carried out. Also, ask questions from the house owners, and get to know more about this builder and his staff. Observe critically the tone of the house owner as he relates to you. You could also carry out some checks online, to know the previous and current financial state of the company. That will prevent you from getting your money into the wrong hands. 


It can’t be overstated that before you sign the business deal with the builder, there must exist a level of freeness between you and your builder. That will help you to ask him any question or even make certain requests. When I said questions, I meant necessary and important questions relating to the project. 

Your questions should be prompt enough, and they should address your concerns early before they become difficult to address. Conversely, if your builder is someone you think does not meet these criteria, do yourself a great good by choosing another. Another thing you shouldn’t do is allow your builder to intimidate you. 

They know more than you as regards the job at hand. Let them know what exactly you want, and ask them questions whenever you feel like it. In all, make sure your builder is someone you can always have access to and ready to provide answers to your questions.

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Why it’s important when choosing the right Builder

Why it’s important when choosing the right Builder

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