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Bespoke Two Storey Extensions

If your focus is creating more space and increasing your property’s value, a two-storey extension is a great, cost-effective solution. Whether you want to add a gorgeous open-plan kitchen, master bedroom with en-suite, extra rooms for your expanding family or even an office space, the possibilities are infinite.

Rear Single Storey Extension

Modern Single Storey Extensions

Love where you live and don’t want to move? A Single storey extension is often the cheaper solution than moving house. If you dream of having all your family round and relaxing in an open-plan kitchen, dining or living area, a single storey extension will give you with this valuable space. Athtech Designs will help you design and create a space that suits all your needs.

New Build Extension

Self Build and New Build Homes

If you are looking to build a small estate of homes or new bungalow, we have the experience and capability to help. You may just want to gain outline or full planning permission, then that’s all you will pay us for. Get in touch today to see how Athtech Designs can help!

Loft Conversion

Loft Conversions

Do you have the head space (Min. 2.3 metres) measured from the top of your ceiling joists to the bottom of your ridge beam? If so, you should be able to convert your loft. You can form large room in your loft under permitted development (which means you won’t need a planning application submitting). Have you been filling your garage with unused items? Converting these kinds of lost spaces into a new useable room is a really cost effective way of increasing the size and value of your property.


Premium Sunrooms & Orangeries

Athtech Designs can help you create stunning new habitable rooms between your home and garden. Conservatories are well known to be difficult to heat in winter and too hot in summer, therefore a sunroom, with less glazing, is an amazing alternative. Luckily for us, sunrooms and orangeries can be loved all year round and not just when its cracking the flags outside.