Why Do you Want to Extend?

Why Do you Want to Extend?

Extending your house is one of the most practical ways to get the home you have always dreamed of. Whether you’re a growing family with new arrival to make room for, or you are just looking for extra space for visiting guests, moving to a larger home can bring a huge boost to your quality of life. Read on for some more reasons why you might want to extend your home…

More space for the Family 

Needing more habitable space (i.e rooms or indeed living space) is continuously the prevalent reason when people are considering house expansion.

A growing family naturally needs more space, and whether you’re searching for a larger kitchen, require an en-suite, utility room, or indeed just a bigger bedroom, extending your home could be a sure-fire way to gain the additional space you desire, without the hassle of having to relocate. 

Why Do you Want to Extend?

Extra space to Relax 

Relaxation for numerous individuals is something that isn’t fully considered when life gets increasingly chaotic as kids come along etc. House extensions can regularly be the cure for giving everyone in the house somewhere they can chill out, providing you get the design right. 

For some, a sunroom with an open-air feel is the ticket. For others, an outhouse at the end of the garden with office space or a cinema experience… It’s all down to how you like to unwind- but having that additional space that’s designed totally around you might be the ideal thing you need to make your home the relaxing space you need when you get in from work.

Extension Plans to relax

Entertaining Space 

As well as unwinding, another extremely popular reason people consider house extensions is to create more space to do what they have a passion for. Perhaps you want more space to cook and spend time with the family? A media room? Someplace for the kids to play? You have the option to expand any of your current rooms, as well as creating totally new spaces- anything is possible. 

Home cinemas Designs

Added Value 

As well as improving the quality of their home life, many people consider extending their home in order to add value to their property and climb the property ladder.

By and large, redesigns -particularly extensions- have a tremendous effect on the value of your property. As house values persistently rise, the included value of an extension often will do as well, which may be a massive advantage for individuals attempting to increase their capital, both as trade choices and as homeowners. 


Generally, people often extend their homes for purely practical reasons. As you get older, or as your family circumstances change – often the practicalities of the house you live in need to change too. 

En-suites, utility rooms, family rooms, office spaces, and more kitchen space are just some of the ways you can increase the practicality of your home to better suit your needs. If you can design and alter your home to specifically meet your family’s needs, it makes sense to extend rather than go through the lengthy, laborious and expensive process of moving.

Kitchen Designs

Final Thoughts 

Ultimately, extending your house will, without a doubt, increase the value, suitability, and practicality of your home, giving you a higher quality of family life. If you think you would like to extend your home but you’re not sure what you’d like to do with space yet, Athtech Designs can help you to discover and highlight what matters to you most. We take all of your requirements into consideration when creating your design, in order to make your dream space become a reality. Get in touch today to see how we can help.

Why Do you Want to Extend?

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