Reasons why you need Technical Architectural and Structural Drawings

Reasons why you need Technical Architectural and Structural Drawings

Architectural technical drawings help to make a detailed layout of any type of construction that is either added to your home or even used to fabricate a totally new structure.

They are an amazing means of getting ready for your new project to guarantee that everything runs easily and productively so the outcome looks precisely how you imagined it. These drawings can be utilized for the accompanying projects:

  • New Extensions 
  • New Builds 
  • Loft & Garage Conversions 
  • Outbuildings 

All You Need To Know 

 When planning your new project with Athtech Designs it is crucial to ensure that you have a detailed/technical drawing that gives you an understanding of what the eventual outcome will resemble and where you might need to make changes. By having a drawing, you are not obliged to work on your home, and it’s a means to re-evaluate your alternatives if the drawing isn’t exactly what you anticipated.

There are likewise various advantages and reasons why you ought to have technical drawings produced and here are only a couple.  

Become more familiar with Architectural Drawings 

 In straightforward terms, a design drawing for home modifications or new builds is a depiction of what the eventual outcome will resemble just as giving information on the best way to accomplish it.

Drawings will incorporate dimensional info and the position of important features, for example, openings, windows, doors, generic kitchen layout, bathrooms, etc. 

Technical architectural drawings have changed into various kinds of arrangements to help give an idea of where each component of the project is measured and detailed for both you and the builders. Regardless of whether you are needing more space in your home or wanting to change the inside or outside totally, you will require some type of structural drawing. 2D and 3D drawings are currently accessible to give a practical and visual portrayal of the eventual outcome.  

Reasons why you need Technical Architectural and Structural Drawings

Styles of Drawings 

When beginning a new project, you will no doubt have some sort of architectural drawing to refer to that will with the planning and building process.

Depending upon what kind of scheme you are building, you may require more than one type of technical/architectural drawing. For instance, on the off chance that you are building your own home, you will require a site, floor, sections, and elevations. To help you find out about the various kinds of plans and what they are required for, here are the three most basic sorts of architectural designs for home extensions and new builds. 

 1. Floor Plans 

New extensions will change the layout, structure and look of your home. With layouts, you can get a feel of what your home will resemble and whether you might need to expand further or roll out more improvements.

Floor plans are a vital part of interior design and are presumably the most well-known building drawing that you will have seen. 

There are likewise two distinct sorts of floor plans which can give you alternate opinions about your home. A 2D floor plan will incorporate considerations and measurements of the space alongside openings, doors and window areas. You will normally discover that 2D floor plans will be technical yet contain a huge amount of dimensional and spatial information. 

Nonetheless, as innovation has progressed, so has the manner by which floor arranging is organized and planned. 3D floor plans give you a more realistic perspective of your new building.

This gives you a great appreciation of the size and how you will have the option to manage the room once the construction has been finished. A 3D floor plan might be ideal for those that wish to extend a room and might want to ensure that they are going to include the features and fixtures they require. If you have a project of your own that you have in mind, please feel free to get in touch and how we may help. 

2. Site Plans 

 Site plans are genuinely like floor plans as it gives a detailed drawing of how your extension or new build will look. Nonetheless, it offers a full look at each floor one next to the other, with the goal that you can get a precise feel of how your home will look once the project is finished. This type of architectural drawing is ideal for those that are extending more than one story of their home or planning another new build. 

Much like the floor plan, you can make both 2D and 3D designs to help give you a detailed view of how your home will look. The 2D arrangement will assist you with deciding the measurements and window and new opening positions, while the 3D layout offers a design with added features to give you a feel of how to plan your room whenever it has been finished. With a site plan, you can plan a room that suits your necessities and one that gives you more practical living space. Planning Site Plan 

3. Elevation Views 

Elevation views are vital for most home redesigns when the presence of the home either outwardly or inside is being modified. Elevation views give you a sense of the room and feel of how your project will change your home. An outside elevation is ideal for those designing a new build, as it gives you an appreciation of what your home will resemble once finished from the outside.

3D views are also essential as they give you a detailed visual portrayal of your extension. In addition, they are useful for the client to rearrange important features and plan each area of their extension or new build. Furthermore, it is also important for the builders as it gives them a detailed plan to follow.  

Technical Plans

Valued Drawings 

Having technical architectural and engineering drawings helps you envisage what your home will look like, however, it also has various advantages all throughout the planning and construction processes.

Drawings improve your own understanding of the process by keeping everybody educated on your building proposal. Here are a couple of the advantages of having detailed specialised drawings for any home redesign project: 

Promotes communication – Communicate to your builders what your requirements and fundamentals are so they can change your home to suit you and your family. 

Improves quality – the more drawing plans that you have, the better the builder’s understanding of your project goals and aspirations. 

Solutions – Technical drawings will iron out all of the issues that require fixing and can assist with giving an answer for these snags before the development is started. 

Materials – Once you have your completed drawings, you can pick the correct materials for the work, being more conservative and giving the best quality to your home.  

Plan Your Dream Home 

Regardless of whether you are having an extension or a new build, it is essential to ensure that you have an expert architect that can assist you with creating the home you have always dreamed of.

Our background in Structural/design Engineering allows us to provide expert advice on all aspects of construction, as well as providing technical drawings, giving you the most cost-effective solutions without compromising on quality or structural integrity. 

We collaborate with consultants who have prior experience working within local authorities and town planning departments, giving us the knowledge and expertise to get your project permissions passed in record time.

Please get in touch to see how we can help!