Planning Permission & Building Regulation Drawings for Your Home Renovation, Extension or New Build

Whether you’re a growing family with a new arrival to make room for, or you’re just looking for extra space for visiting guests, moving to a larger home can bring a huge boost to your quality of life. 

However, as you’re probably keenly aware, putting your current property onto the market and finding a suitable replacement can be a serious financial and emotional drain. 

For starters, there’s a whole lot of wasted time involved: It can take months of unsuccessful viewings to find a buyer for your home. Once the ball is eventually rolling, you’ll not only have to find the extra cash for a bigger property, but you’ll also have to deal with the administration costs: Stamp duty, legal fees, and estate agent costs will suck up a huge chunk of your hard-earned cash before you’ve even set foot in your new home. 

It’s enough to cause a serious headache. 

But there is another solution: 


Extending Your Living Space Makes Financial Sense: 

As crazy as it might sound, many homeowners find that extending the amount of liveable space in their home often works out cheaper than moving to a larger property. 

The benefits don’t just end there: Unlike the significant amount of cash wasted during a move, home extensions and renovations can seriously bump up the value of your property, meaning a good chunk of the money you spend during the building process will effectively be returned back to you, should you ever decide to sell. 

But I Don’t Have the Space for an Extension! 

You’d be surprised by what’s achievable! 

If you don’t have the space for a large extension on the side or rear of your home, you might still be able to convert a loft or garage into a very useful extra living space. Failing that, a separate garden building can be utilised to create a home office that can also double up as a useful guest annex. 


This all Sounds Very Complicated. How Would I Even Get Started? 

Well, you’re already in the right place! 

Here at Athtech Designs, we specialise in creating cost-effective plans for a whole host of building projects and extensions, as well as loft conversions, outbuildings and even full new builds. 

Our service includes a consultation with a home visit, and for an extremely competitive fixed price, we’ll not only advise you on the best solution for your dream home, but we’ll also create detailed plans and even submit them for Building Control and Planning approval. 

The Athtech Designs Process: 

Stage 1: 

Our design process begins with a visit to your property. We’ll discuss your ideas, give you advice as to what’s possible, and finally, we’ll take detailed measurements and photographs of your home. 

Stage 2: 

After our initial consultation, we’ll produce highly accurate plans of your home, both in its current configuration and with your extension or conversion ideas added. 

Stage 3: 

Once you’ve taken a look at the plans that we’ve created for you, we’ll work with you to fine-tune them to your exact requirements, until we’ve created your ideal living space. 

Stage 4: 

Once you’re completely happy with your plans, we’ll submit them for Planning & Building Control approval, complete with all the necessary domestic structural opening calculations. For larger or more complex engineering obstacles, we can offer additional bespoke structural engineering solutions too! 

Why Use a Separate Company for Your Building Plans? 

Athtech Designs specialise in building plans. Because we aren’t undertaking the construction work ourselves, nor are we affiliated with a building company, you can be sure our advice is completely impartial, and our designs tailored to your individual needs. 

When we create plans for your dream home and advise you on the best course of action for your property extension, loft conversion or outbuilding, you can be absolutely sure that you’re receiving advice that isn’t influenced by quick profits and the cutting of corners. 

Finally, because you have a set of detailed plans in hand, it leaves you free to shop around for the best quote for your project, without being tied to a single company for the entire design and build process. 

In Conclusion… 

Whether you’re dreaming of an open plan living area or looking to extend your home with a quality extension or loft conversion, Athtech Designs can guide you through the planning stages and create bespoke building plans at cost-effective prices! 

Planning Permission & Building Regulation Drawings for Your Home Renovation

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