The difference between ‘Planning Permission’ and ‘Building Regs’ drawings

The difference between ‘Planning Permission’ and ‘Building Regs’ drawings

There are two stages to architectural drawings for your extension to get approved: ‘Planning Permission’ and ‘Building Regs’. 

Planning Permission Drawings 

are the initial designs and outline brief for the build. These drawings are primarily used to present the proposal to the local Planning Authority to seek permission. Planning permission drawings are not as detailed as the subsequent Building Regs drawings, which come later, once you have acquired planning approval. 

On smaller projects, Planning Permission and Building Regs drawings and the construction may be simple and straightforward enough to not require Building Regs construction drawings. A proficient builder could work from Planning Permission and Building Regs drawings, and get any questions they need answering on-site by the client. They will use their experience and knowledge to construct the building using the designs presented in the Planning Permission Drawings. This method is called a ‘Building Notice’; all the builder would require is to appoint a structural engineer if calculations were needed by Building Control for more complex design features.

Planning Permission and Building Regs drawings

If the building is more complex, then Building Regs construction drawings will be required. These will detail out how the building will be constructed. They will include information on material sizes such as; timber and steel; weather-proofing; insulation thickness; critical intersections etc. They take a considerable amount of time, knowledge and attention to produce.

A duty of care has to be taken to ensure that all work on-site is achievable, safe and to the right standard. A structural engineer will also need to provide calculations and sizes for any steel beams, timber, masonry piers, and foundations that need to be designed and included in the ‘Building Regulation’ information pack. These drawings can then be used to obtain accurate quotes from builders, and be used as a plan to construct the build.

The difference between ‘Planning Permission’ and ‘Building Regs’ drawings 2

Planning Permission – Two-Storey Side Extension St Helens


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Planning Permission and Building Regs drawings

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