Why move when you can extend? Are Extension Plans Required?

Why move when you can extend? Are Extension Plans Required?


Avoid the stress and cost of moving 

These days, moving house is becoming increasingly stressful, as more and more people compete for the same houses. With mounting costs for solicitors, estate agents and stamp duty, compounded with the months of worrying about whether you will actually make it to your completion date without getting gazumped part way through the process- it’s no wonder people are starting to question whether it’s all worth it. So why move at all? Why not extend your current home instead? Avoid all the hassle of moving and turn your current property into your dream forever home. Don’t move, just improve! 

Add value to your property 

One of the main reasons for extending your home is that it increases the value of your property. Athtech Designs can provide you with innovative and creative design solutions that are functional, appealing and compliment the style of your existing house. 

Utilise your existing space 

Maximise the potential of your property by using the space you already have, such as the garage or loft. Deciding on these types on conversions means that you could gain an extra bedroom for your home, further adding value to your property. Enhancing the existing space is a brilliant and cost-effective way to improve your home. 

Bespoke design for you 

Are you tired of living in the same house with an outdated floor plan? Have you been dreaming about having that open-plan kitchen/extra bedroom/en-suite/walk-in-wardrobe? Athtech Designs can facilitate your design solutions by giving you the extra space you desire and make that dream become a reality. 

Typical Extension Build Cost 

One of the most common questions we get asked from customers is, “How much do you think my extension will cost?” The best way to get an accurate cost for your house extension is to get a qualified builder to review your property. The prices below are a rough guide and will be for building work only! 

Price Per Square Foot 

Anywhere between £1,200 – £1,900 per square metre. Let’s say your extension costs £1,200m² and the size of your proposed floor area is 20m² then the cost of your extension would be approximately (1.2×20) = £24k 

What Your Budget Can Get You For £20,000 – £30,000: 

There are a lot of variables associated with building costs, i.e. the type of kitchen you want, bi-fold doors, windows etc. The cost of an extension will vary, so your design will need to suit your budget and your requirements. Below are the typical extension types that fall within the £20,000 – £30,000 cost range: 

Loft Conversions 

One of the most economically effective ways to add additional space, with minimal disruption to your household, is to convert the loft space. You can add a great deal of value without the need to excavate. Costs to construct a loft conversion in a typical three-bedroom terraced house would range from approximately £1,000 – £1500 per m², depending on your requirements. This generally includes enough space for a sizeable bedroom and possibly a small en-suite. 

Above-Garage ExtensionsExtending over a garage is more cost-effective than building a ground-floor extension, presuming the existing foundations can take the additional load (our engineers will advise). This is an excellent choice as your existing garden area would not be compromised when adding the extra space. 

What Can Your Budget Get You For £30,000 – £50,000?

If you have the extra funds to put towards your house extension, this will easily allow you to create an extension of considerable size which includes; loft conversions, garage conversions, large single-storey extensions and potentially a two-storey extension. 

Add An Orangery-Style House Extension 

An orangery would cost approximately £1,000 – £1,500 per m² depending on materials etc. In many instances, Orangeries/conservatories fall within permitted development rights and may not require planning permission. Orangeries Permitted Development Rules 

What Can Your Budget Get You For £50,000 – £90,000?

With an extension budget of between £50,000 – £90,000, you could achieve larger-scale extensions such as double-storey additions. Or you could even fully redesign your home layout to achieve the house you’ve always dreamed of. Below are two examples of what you could build with a budget of £50,000 – £90,000: 

  • A Kitchen Extension With Space for Lounging Too Building an open-plan kitchen extension is a perfect way to make your living arrangements more spacious and add considerable value to your home, with a simple change of layout. You can completely transform your space with the addition of bi-fold doors and/or Velux roof lights to give you plenty of natural light. Add in pristine new kitchen units and appliances and voila- you have completely updated your ground floor and given it the wow factor you’ve been looking for. Prices will vary depending on build costs, however as a rough guide anywhere between £1,200 – £3,000 per m² and upwards depending on the type of kitchen you pick and the standard of finishes you choose. 
  • A Double Storey Side Or Rear Extension By adding a two-storey side or rear extension, you will add a considerable amount of value to your property than with a simple single-storey extension. This type of extension will generally cost around £1,500 – £2000 per m² for a traditional build. 

Athtech Designs Can Help!

Our service includes a consultation and for an extremely competitive fixed price, we’ll not only advise you on the best solution for your dream home, we’ll create detailed plans and even submit them for Building Control and Planning approval, removing any of the stress and hassle for yourselves.

Extension Plans


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