Extension Plan Services St Helens – Athtech Designs 

It’s such an exciting time when you start thinking about your new extension. You’re probably picking out colours, imagining where the furniture will go, and planning your housewarming as we speak. Unfortunately, there’s also a lot of boring and/or frustrating stuff that goes into that dream home. With fifteen years experience in building control prior to forming Athtech Designs, we are one of the best at getting projects to fly through permissions and we handle the whole process for you.

The North West is a fabulous place to build; from the Victorian Terraces to the more modern semis, there are all kinds of opportunities to do something truly special. With older properties, the main thing that planning departments will look at is how the extension will fit in with its environment. We know how to work with the style of your area whilst incorporating your personal taste and vision. 

The bottom line is, with us, you won’t have to worry about the permissions side of your build. Athtech Designs has excellent relationships with councils across Wigan and the North West and will ensure achieving the relevant permission is stress and hassle-free! 

Extension Plan Services – St Helens