What Athtech Designs can offer you!!!

Athtech Designs can provide you with the following things that you will need for your extension design: 

►Best advice/examples for possible schemes and design layouts to suit your building needs 

►A set of detailed building regulations drawings to submit to your local authority to gain planning and building regulations approval 

 ►Steel, masonry and foundation calculations, if required for building control approval 

 ►Continued communication and support throughout the design, planning and building process in order to gain the best possible outcome for your build 

The drawings and designs that I produce for you can be given to builders and contractors so that they can offer you firm quotes and also be used on-site during the build. 

We would be happy to give you costing information and drawings using photos and measurements taken by yourselves and sent to me via e-mail. This would save you the cost of the site visit fee and increase safety. Inclusive of all services detailed above for us to complete the building regulation drawings and submit them to your local authority on your behalf. 

Please take a look at some of our recent projects. 

Athtech Designs

Athtech Designs